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Polished Floor Flatters Antique Car Collection

By Khara Dizmon, Managing Editor

It's not often that you're called on to polish a warehouse floor so that it will reflect and enhance a collection of over a dozen antique, mint condition cars. When Shawn Halverson, owner of Surfacing Solutions, Inc., in Temecula, Calif., saw a 1938 Ford pick up cruise by his office, he admired it and then went about his business. But when it circled back around, little did he know he'd be landing a job.

Garage Floors Surfacing Solutions Temecula, CA Garage Floors Surfacing Solutions Temecula, CA

The owner of the cars recently bought an empty warehouse to house his collection. With a personal museum of antique vehicles and vintage signs, the 4,500 square foot building was just one of two locations where the cars were housed. "The client wanted a low maintenance floor that would shine and show the beauty of his cars," recalls Halverson. "Luckily, the floor had never been used for anything else," he says, "so I didn't have to remove anything."

"We did the whole polish set up from 30 grit to 3000," says Halverson. "The client wanted just the natural color of concrete. We were going to color it, but he changed his mind. He didn't want the color to have a negative effect on the color of the cars."

Garage Floors Surfacing Solutions Temecula, CA Garage Floors Surfacing Solutions Temecula, CA

One of the biggest challenges with the floor was getting past the imperfections left from the tilt-up construction. "We had to take a very hard-troweled slab, with 1,000 little nail holes in it from the tilt up walls, and try to achieve the highest luster to complement the cars," says Halverson. Although the client did not want to color the floor, Halverson suggested adding an 8" epoxy border around the outer edges and around support columns. "We bordered with a gray epoxy to frame it in," he says. "This helped tie together the floor and the wall. It makes a nice transition."

Evident in the appearance of the floor, the vintage signs and classic cars show beautifully in the massive garage, reflecting not only the client's prized possessions, but also the quality craftsmanship of Surfacing Solutions.

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