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Los Angeles Concrete Countertop & Elements Projects

Check out these gorgeous concrete countertops from contractors near L.A. View photos of artistic and functional concrete countertops they have created. Plus, learn about how they achieve unique looks with the use of color, custom molds, embedded objects and more. For additional information and photos, or to contact a contractor, click on the contractor's company name.

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Concrete Jungle
Northridge, CA 91325

This seamless kitchen countertop was cast-in-place due to its large size. It features dual sinks and an inset wooden cutting board. The color was achieved with an integral product that was added to the concrete mix before pouring. Then a topical opaque coloring product was applied in order to get a perfectly smooth surface without a single imperfection. Finally, the concrete countertop was sealed with a polyurethane sealer to protect it from damage and stains.

California Concrete Designs
Anaheim, CA 91352

The contractor on this job had a blast collaborating with his client. The client wanted a concrete countertop that would fit into their very southwestern-style home. ACE took the ball and ran with it, creating an imitation wood slab with what looks to be buckskin leather draped over it, complete with rustic tacks holding the shrunken and torn leather in place -- all done in concrete (except the tacks).

DeWulf Concrete
Los Angeles, CA 90016

This kitchen in Venice, CA features beautiful and functional concrete countertops. The countertops were precast in DeWulf's shop with rapid set concrete. The color is a custom blend of black and yellow integral pigments that resulted in a light brown mustard hue. An integrated farm style sink was also made from concrete for this kitchen. An embedded stainless steel drain board and a hot plate trivet make the counters incredibly functional and add style.

Ron Odell's Custom Concrete
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Concrete was used to create both the sink and bathtub in this Malibu home's bathroom. The seamless double sinks and tub were cast in place as one pour using rebar and other materials to add strength. Two colors were mixed into the concrete for this project. The most interesting aspect of this job was the concrete spout that flows into the bathtub. Ron worked closely with the plumber and ended up using a 1 1/8" copper line that mixes the hot and cold water as it flows through the channel. The handles for the concrete faucet are located on the far end of the tub.

Concrete Wave Design
Anaheim, CA 92807

The brown kitchen countertop/sink combination at this residence in Anaheim Hills, CA was a tricky job due to the awkwardness of the main piece. Not only was it a large piece, but it had a large heavy sink and a very fragile "faux" farmhouse sink face. What we did was instead of cutting the cabinet to fit the countertop/sink we designed the sink to just slip over the cabinet which made that a very delicate area.

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